9th St. Frame


Our Gallery

The Gallery features framed and unframed artwork. There is an extensive collection of limited edition prints remaining from the Teager and Smeins era of framing. A new direction for the Gallery is promoting local artists. The current artist list includes:

Julie Bousum

Julie Bousum 1 Julie Bousum 2 Julie Bousum 3  


Mark George

Mark George      


Better Days Don't Look Back Eternal Flow of Unity Ocean View Guitar Strap
Empathy for my Bleeding Heart Fire Down Below Faceless Soul Outhouse Outhouse Lurker
Skeleton in your Closet Something inside Something to live for  
Willie Nelson Willie Nelson detail    

Wendell Mohr

Mohr 7 MOhr 8 MOhr 3  




To help promote art in the local school district, there is a permanent display of ceramics provided by the Marshalltown High School Ceramics Class. Suggested price is $5 per piece with all the proceeds going to the Art Department.