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Welcome to the 9th Street Gallery and Frame

Serving Marshalltown, Marshall County and Central Iowa
for over 40 years.


We all have items we value, whether they are of financial, historical or personal importance. Sometimes it’s not obvious what to do with those special items. Why hide them in closets, chests or under the bed when they could be prominently displayed?

Whatever your treasures might be, we work through the process of how best to display them. We make custom framing simple.


Starry Night

Stretched Canvas



X stretch

Doilies and Cross Stitch


Buddy Holly



3D Objects, Clothing and Jerseys


Diploma Student Art Elvis Family pic
Photos, Diplomas and Artwork





Sometimes you need to renovate a piece of artwork. Other times we face unfortunate events: a picture has fallen off the wall, there has been damage resulting from water or fire. The 9th Street Gallery and Frame staff can help by offering “piecework” services:
a new piece of glass, a new frame or new matting.

Before and After

This is a before and after example. On the left is original artwork framed by Teager's Frame Shoppe in the 1970's.
On the right is an updated version of artwork from the same artist.